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About us

Nad Lash is an exclusive product line in Professional Permanent Eyelashes Extensions introduced by Nadmac Pvt Ltd which started its Operation in India in 2019. It is an ISO Registered Company with over 50 SKU’s covering Complete Range of Premium lashes which can be created in at least 100+ styles. The brand proudly presents India’s First Range of Vegan Eye Lashes promoting environment-friendly lashes alongside protecting animal cruelty. The brand is currently Distributed through  it’s Channel Partners in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Gujrat. Nad Lash Plans to Distribute its Product to more than 100 Cities/Towns in India.

Just Everything You Need for your Lash Business under one roof.

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Eyelash extension is disrupting the beauty industry and has become a part of mainstream beauty regimens for women worldwide. What was once almost non-existent in the market has now become a 1.2 billion dollar industry worldwide. And It Requires a certain set of Technical and Practical Knowledge, and clients generally wish to visit Lash Specific Studio to get their services done.

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