1. Make sure your branding reflects the type of people you’re trying to attract.

(Infancy marketing terms, this is called positioning.) If you want to work with high-end weddings, your branding should be top-notch, flawless, and gorgeous. For example, an iPhone video isn’t going to cut it for an ultra-luxury wedding planner’s About page; they need to use professional videographers (preferably the ones they’d recommend to their brides). If you want to specialize in intimate elopements, use the camera phone—you’re more relatable.

You’ll want to make sure that your website copy and social media/blog content have the right tone. A professional, formal tone might be enticing to a high-end client, but if you’re targeting creative entrepreneurs, it can be just the opposite. Try to find a voice that matches your clients’.

2. Share the work you’re proud of, aspiring toward, or that you want to create more of.

If you can’t stand creating yet-another-rose-gold wedding invitation, don’t showcase any in your portfolio.

Instead, showcase the fancy calligraphy you love working on. Even if you haven’t sold something or offering a certain service yet, don’t be afraid to make that your focus. It only takes one client to say yes. If you don’t put it out there, nobody’s going to buy it for sure.

3. Start networking in the right places.

Are you looking to connect with clients who are influencers on Instagram? It can be as simple as leaving thoughtful comments on their photos and trying to build that relationship slowly as a foundation before reaching out with an idea on how you could work together.

Looking to work with someone in a particular niche? Where would that person be spending their time? Look for local classes in their area of expertise, or attend a networking or fundraising event. You can even look for Facebook groups where they might be members. The bottom line is you need to put yourself in front of your favorite clients and start building relationships.

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