If you want to be a Lash Artist, then part of your job as a lash artist is to manage your client’s expectations. With every new client, consultations will be the biggest part of that, and you’ll want to have a quick and effective system to ensure your client’s expectations are met. I know it might sound new to you if you aren’t from Lash Industry. We at Nad Lash have 3-step consultation that every lash artist uses across the globe, and we’re going to share that with you in this article!

Consent Form

Don’t skip this, lash artists! We get it, it can be awkward and informal, especially if your clients are friends, but consent forms are SO important! They legally protect both you and the client and inform you of any issues your client might not have otherwise known of! They inform policy and ensure that it is the client’s responsibility to understand that policy. To make them understand, you have to consult them first and let them fill the Consultation Form Later.

Ask Questions

The next step of your lash consultation would be asking your new client a series of questions. It’s super important that you ask all the right questions because a lot of the time, as a lash artist, your job is to educate your client who doesn’t have the training and knowledge you do. Sometimes clients bring in pictures of girls with super full, super thick, dramatic, natural lashes, but their natural lashes may not necessarily look the same way. It’s your job to explain to the client why they may not achieve the look they were hoping for and recommend something that would suit their needs.

When our clients get in our chair, the first question we like to ask them is, “what is your everyday look like?”. You don’t want to put super dramatic, super full lashes on someone who goes for a bare, natural look. There are so many options for link style and fullness regarding lash extensions, so you must ask the right questions. That way, you put healthy lashes on your client but still achieve the look that they want.

Talk Product

Now that we’ve gone through the consent form and agreed on the shape and style of lashes, we’re going to talk about the last and most important part of this consultation process: deciding on what products you’re going to use. We have tons of options when it comes to glue tape and primers. Certain clients have allergic reactions to certain products, and it’s your job to find something that will work. If your client has allergies to glue, the clear glue has just as good retention as all of our other glues here, and it may help your clients avoid any itchiness or allergic reactions that may come from regular glue. Most of the time here at Nad Lash, we prep our clients with saline solution. If your client has an allergy to saline solution, we also have the Nad Lash Primer option. The primer is better for clients with sensitivities.

If your client has any issues with tape or gel pads, you also can use them at the Nad Lash Medical Tape. It’s much more gentle, and it works for pretty much everybody who has an allergic reaction and encourages all lash artists to have these alternatives in their kit. That way, you’re not turning away a potential client because you don’t have something that suits their needs.

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