Micro Remover Stick: Also, Called as Micro Stick helps you remove clients’ Lashes during removal time without any difficulty or without touching their eyes with your nude fingers, so hygienic.


Spooly/Mascara Wands

It is an essential part of our lash process and an important part of aftercare, so make sure to take out the new stick and use it during the process, clean it, and give it to your client to comb her lashes at home keep there lashes on point.


Super Glue

An adhesive for professionals who know Lashing pretty well and fast with their work because the drying time of super lash is fast and very light textured can be used for Mega Volume Set.


Volume Lash Glue

A glue for every beginner and expert out there, which is not only very light in texture but also comes with excellent retention and amazing for girls who have oily skin and can’t go for proper lashes on their eyes due to natural oil coming from their skin and making their extension fall before time.


Tweezer Cleaner

We all understand the hurdles during lashing when our tweezer sticks with glue, and we have our hard time removing glue from our tools. That is the moment Nad Lash Tweezer cleaner comes in place. Trust me; you will love Nad Lash for such products.


Flower Glue Tray

Flower Glue Tray helps create fans during learnings and helps you not to waste glue and take quantity required and play with your fanning process. If you want to make your lashes fans in advance, this comes in handy as it’s very lightweight. You can carry this in your pouch.


Lash Glue Remover

What would happen if you apply the wrong size or thickness because you are a newbie in lashes? You have Lashes remover in a gel formula, which will not only remove those extra lashes but also help you when your clients need some different style in their next sitting. All it takes 15-20 on full lash removal min, and you are good to start your work.


Lash Cleanser 100 ml

We all need clean lashes before we proceed with our work, and that’s the real and first secret of retention; in fact, people need to buy this cleanser and wash their lashes with this formula to keep their lashes healthy and in place. So for all Nad Lash clients, we have all secret formulas to help them grow their lash business.


Waterproof Medical Lash Tape

Very Important for everyone who is dong lashes. It keeps your lower lashes safe while you perform Lashes Extension and helps you when your client’s eyes are watery. Specially designed for Lash Services and the skin-friendly tape won’t hurt your skin at all.


Lash Pad Holder

A very convenient Lash holder set keeps your client’s forehead hair under control and helps you pick lashes of different sizes from one place, which is magnetic, so the lash pad and the headband stick together.


Under Eye Hydro Gel Pad

We need a hydrogel pad before we start the lash extension. Nad Lash Hydro Gel Pad not only gives you hydration on the under-eye but also keeps your skin safe during the process. In fact, you can try these gel pads even at home to remove dryness around your eyes.

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