Applying eyelash extensions to clients with straight lashes can often be difficult, particularly for new lash artists. The key to giving those clients with straight lashes a dramatic look is all in the application

When applying extensions to clients with stick-straight lashes, isolation is so important. A perfectly isolated lash will better adhere to a curly extension (like a D or a C).

If you are using a C or a D curl, be sure only to place adhesive on the lower third of the extension. Trying to curl the natural lash to meet the adhesive on C or D curl will damage the natural lash. The lower third of even the curliest extensions are usually a little straight, and can hold better.

Another option for straight lashes is to use an L-curl lash. L-curl lashes are shaped just like the letter “L.” The lip on this extension is easy to attach to the natural lash. 

Another great tip for getting a more dramatic look with straight lashes is to use a heated eyelash curler. Heated eyelash curlers should only be used on natural lashes. This will curl the lashes so they can hold more of a dramatic extension.

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