As a Beauty, Lash, Makeup, Hair artist, your job is to make your clients look beautiful and feel good about themselves by using the best quality products.But even the best of us can make mistakes. We know that there will always be days when you’re not feeling well and can’t maintain the usual service standards.

But what can you do in such situations? 

How can you keep clients from going to your competitors even when you fail to meet their expectations?

Here are a few ways to get a second chance with dissatisfied customers.


Do not take it personally! Some people will just never be satisfied no matter how good of a job you have done. Remain calm and keep a friendly demeanor. The majority of conflicts can be avoided by being friendly and level-headed and showing them that you are concerned about their problem and want to help.


In the age of social media and smartphones, even one disappointed customer can be very costly to your business. According to analysis, consumers are 3X more likely to tell others about a negative encounter than a positive one, and it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one bad experience. 

When something negative happens during your service experience, your brain is triggered to be extra aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for anything else that may go wrong. This is a survival instinct, according to the same NY Times article. Knowing this tendency is helpful to you as a beauty artist because you can be prepared for negative customer feedback.

Even if you think a customer’s anger isn’t justified, you still need to diffuse the situation and find a solution because it’s important for your brand image.


When customers are angry, they want someone to listen to them and understand their problems. The last thing you’d want to do is to get into an argument with a dissatisfied customer. Don’t try to prove them wrong. You might win the argument, but you’ll lose the customer. 

Instead, think from their perspective. If you were an unhappy customer, would you want to be argued with, even if a part of you knew you might be acting over critically? 

They hired you with certain expectations. Listen to them carefully without any interruptions. Stay calm and try to understand their concern. Be a reassuring voice instead of pointing fingers or being defensive.


If you got a bad review on Facebook or Google, there are things you can do. You can post a public response on either platform. First, though, you should reach out to the client by phone. Try to get them on the phone to talk through the review and what could have gone better. One of the best ways to demonstrate your concern for a customer’s problem is to listen to them carefully and then repeat it back to them to confirm your understanding. It’s even better if you can write it down on an official complaint form and make it a part of your record. 

Tell them that you understand their concern, are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and will do everything to make things right.

Doing so will make the customer feel heard and calm them down and allow you to have a clear understanding of the actual problem. 


Once you understand the problem, try to come up with a solution that satisfies the customer and doesn’t negatively impact your business.

Discuss different options with the customer, seek feedback and turn it into a consultative process by involving the customer in finding the right solution. It might be a discount on their next service, a free touch-up on their lashes, hair & nails etc., or a free retail product with their next appointment. 


Clients who do not maintain a regular and dedicated beauty cycle with you (meaning she is booking beauty services with other technicians) would not receive a personal guarantee of your work. You cannot control what another expert has done to the services you have applied. You cannot guarantee someone else work either.


If there are a lot of lashes missing and she has professed to have followed your aftercare instructions, you might consider offering another discounted or free of charge appointment, making sure tograb those forms and do another full consultation again and pay close attention to tracking appointments see if her situation changes.


Your time is valuable! Make sure to outline this policy in the agreement/waiver (including credit card chargebacks or disputes). Another good reason to get her in front of you right away… It is much harder to demand a refund in person when offering to give her a free or discounted service.


Okay, so this is a last ditch effort to defuse a hot situation. By now, there should have been red flags all over the place, and you need to get this troublemaker out of your life forever! Consider creating a Refund for Non-Disclosure Agreement outlining that they agree that they will not make any negative posts about you, your business or affiliates on social media or anywhere online in return for a full (or partial) refund! This will help to prevent any damage to your reputation.


So I guess that there were red flags from the beginning that maybe you overlooked, and you are seeing why you should have turned her away. We all want to grow our business and take on as many new clients as possible. Still, we need to sacrifice quantity for quality.

Next time you encounter someone who seems like they might be hard to please be honest with yourself. They might not be right for you, and you have the right to refuse personal services to anyone at any time! We all make mistakes, but a good technician learns from them and makes corrections in her application, practice, or customer service. Some mistakes are very costly, especially if it is one that you have made in the past and have not learned to correct that behaviour. 

Love You All


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