Introduction: Nadmac is doing much of the hard work towards building the Permanent Eyelash Extension Market in India with the Product and Training support, which will allow India to enter 1.5 billion markets worldwide. We aren’t participating in that segment yet; we at Nadmac Pvt Ltd are introducing Permanent Lash Extension in India under the Brand name of “Nad Lash.”

Problem:  What problem in the market are you addressing? 

In India, we have a female population of 680 Million, with average yearly spending on beauty and female hygiene is less than $100. Because of the unregulated market, the demand gap is very high—less than 100 serviceable Eyelash Extension Studio available in India. Nadmac bought “Nad Lash” to address the Supply and Education gap between Salon owners and Client.

Solution: What solution does your company provide to this problem? 

Our Education System to each Salon owner is our strength as of now, nobody in India is providing Salon Training along with our Vegan Product range with the proper process of education along with a practical and written test of each staff during training and strong tie-ups with trusted partners across segments & markets for this niche demand. 

Lash Market Worldwide-  The beauty and fashion industry is growing day by day. The growing social media influence of beauty related products is expected to positively impact the global lash extension market during the forecast period. Nowadays, women are becoming more beauty-conscious and focusing on looking more presentable. Lash extensions give more volume and thickness to natural eyelashes. Increasing the makeup application to enhance the looks during wedding functions, fashion shows, and festive occasions have fuelled the usage of false lashes, which positively impact the lash extension market. Rapid urbanization and rising disposable incomes have changed the standard of living of people worldwide. An increasing number of women in the workforce, numerous eyelash products, changing consumption patterns, improved lifestyle, and a rise in spending on beauty products are expected to drive the global lash extension market during the forecast period.  

  • Permanent Eye Lash Extension is an upcoming market in India.
  • Between 2019-2024, the industry is expected to reach $1.5 billion in annual product sales.
  • Currently, 1 billion dollars market worldwide.
  • 75 percent of Freelance lash artists across the globe earn up to $50,000 a year,
  • That means $4166 per month,
  • With less than 600 lash studio Pan India we have huge market space to earn at this phase by launching it in your Salon Franchise and be exclusive in your Services.

Market Potential In India-  We have a female population of 680 Million, with average yearly spending on beauty & female hygiene is less than $100. Because of the unregulated market, the demand gap is very high. Less than 100 serviceable eyelash extension studios are available in India. In India, the salon industry has more than 1 Million serviceable outlets with current employment of 5 Million+ for a total Indian population of 1.37 Billion. Out of which 300K salons are available for females only, so on each service 2200+ ladies. But in actuality, it’s not true. The female salon has hardly 250 regular clients to serve. So, the scope is huge.

Competitors: Who are your competitors, and what differentiates you from them? 

In Eye Lash Extension, we do not have any competition in India as there is no manufacturer. There are several People but usually provide sub-standard products or do not cater to professional demand and supply. 

We have various business Models for Different people to cater to their demand in the Beauty Market.

1. Selling Products to salons through a distribution network. 

2. Brand Alliance to reach maximum A+ Salon and market our Luxury Services through their channels and cross-marketing.

3. Eye Lash Studio Franchise Model for Lash extension services in high street markets. 

4. Providing Lash Extension techniques to students and beauticians and providing 100% guaranteed employment on over continuous sale to the salon from our Academy Tie Up. 

5. Tie-up with an event planner to put specific kiosks or Workshops in different cities through our trainers or founder depends on the Workshop type.

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