1-) Lash Curls- 

J-Looks like a natural lash/perfect for bottom lashes

B- Super Natural/perfect for bottom lashes/great for ladies with straight lashes & bottom lashes

C- Soft pretty girl, most commonly used in most lash sets

CC- Tighter curls than C curls/ but still soft and pretty, very flirty

D- Tightest Curls( besides DD curls dramatic/glam look)

DD- Tightest curls,dramatic/glam

L- Perfect for hooded lid or monolids

L+- Perfect for hooded lids or monolids, tighter curl than L curl

2-) Lash curls that look good together

J+B, B+C, C+CC, C+D, C+DD, CC+D, CC=DD, L+L+

3-) Lash Length



16MM-20MM=Very Long

4-) Lash Thickness

.3mm-.7mm-Used for Volume 

.10mm- Used for Volume & Classic

.12mm-.18mm- Used for Classic (Worldwide 0.15 is suggest for Classic Lashes)

.20mm-.25mm- Too heavy to use

Love You All


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