Personal interaction is dangerous to the beauty and wellness industry—you can’t provide beauty services, spinal adjustments, or massages without physically touching your clients. Because of this, you may be disturbed about the impact that COVID-19 could have on your business and studying to create a disaster plan.

Suppose you own the above business and suffering from Covid-19. In that case, this article is for you as We’ve gathered up a few resources on what you may want to consider over the next few days and weeks.

Points to keep in Mind Pre Opening Of Salon

  1. Go Virtual-  It may seem strange to offer beauty, spa, and health services online but think critically about your clientele requirements while they can’t see you. Can you guide them through a bang trim or a men’s hair cut? Advise them on the right products to use between facials? And in between, you can sell your retail products as well for post-care.
  2. Start Online Classes- If you run an academy, you can start online classes for your students who can enroll themselves through an online payment method. You can give them theory classes and test their verbal test and leave all practical sessions post opening of your Academy, which I believe isn’t that far now.
  3. Activate Yourself On All Social Media-  If you aren’t active on social media, you have to activate your online channel right away and connect your clients and ask them about their well being and offer online support and availability when they need any help related to beauty and wellness. Keep posting new updates to make your clients aware of the new policy, services, prices.

Points to Remember Post Opening of your Salon 

  1. Incline towards prebooking- If your salon, spa, or wellness facility closed due to coronavirus, take the opportunity to encourage your loyal customers to prebook their next appointment for when you plan to be open again with a particular booking amount based on the services they want to take as soon as you guys open your salon.
  2. Keep Temperature checking machine at the entrance Of Salon- It’s a worthy investment for you to have a Temperature checking machine so that your staff and clients will be more sure about visiting you knowing you are taking all necessary steps to save everyone.
  3. Bring Retail Products for your rescue – If you sell retail products in your salon for sales earlier, keep your online store open during COVID-19! As long as you’ve got supply, your customers will bring the demand if they know you are selling those products online.
  4. Reconsider Cancellation Fees- A cancellation fee is an industry best practice during typical business operations. Still, it may encourage clients who aren’t feeling 100% or who have COVID-19 to power through and make it to their service now. Make sure your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they’re not feeling well. 
  5. Be Strict About Timings- If your clients are late than usual, you need to tell them they will lose their spot, and you can only wait for a maximum of 15 min for your post; your timing not more than that. 
  6. Ask Them To Come Alone- Ask them to visit alone and have their mask on all the time to minimize the risk of infection.
  7. Ask them To Reschedule If not feeling well-  In case if they aren’t feeling well, ask them to reschedule before 24-48 hours of their appointment to fill other clients during their slot.
  8. Must-Have Arogya Setu App- Ask them to have this Government app for you to check their health status and your staff safety.
  9. No Kids Allowed- If they have kids ask them not to bring them during their appointment to save time and save kids and everyone else from spreading disease.

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