Hand tested in house, all our eyelash tweezers are crafted with precision. Whether you are looking for isolation or volume lash tweezers, Nad Lash offer a wide variety of styles so you are get to find your perfect pair without any hurdles.

Tweezers are perfect and essential tools in your lash business, so keep it very clean and safe. Handle them safely and always opt for stainless steel Tweezer set and if you don’t know, every type of hair needs a different tweezer set, and at Nad Lash, we know the importance of correct tools and also keep in mind our client budget so that they don’t have to spend much in a different tweezer.

Types Of Tweezer Available with Nad Lash


  • super sturdy stainless steel eyelash tweezers
  • a staple eyelash technician tool
  • makes separating any stickies an absolute breeze while causing your client no discomfort at all
  • These tweezers can also be used for lash isolation, and even to pick up single lashes for classic sets. Must have tweezer for beginners


The curved tip of these lash tweezers allows for precise isolation and picking of the lashes from the strip.

What more could you possibly want from your tweezers?

  • High precision fine tip
  • Recommended for:  Isolation, Classic, Volume and Mega Volume Lash Application
  • Recommended fanning technique: All

Volume L Tweezers

If you make your own fans and are looking for Russian volume tweezers you will never want to part with then look no further! These volume lash tweezers are the favourite pair of top lash artists around the world. Specially designed by London Lash Master Lash Artists, these hand-tested Russian lash tweezers have a slightly thicker, stronger grip that allows you to make perfect fans.

  • hand-tested Russian tweezers by our London Lash Trainers
  • the thicker grip allows you to make perfect fans
  • volume lash tweezers perfect for using a huge range of volume techniques
  • helps to make both narrow and wide fans.
  • suitable for both beginners and advanced lash technicians

Curved Tweezer

  • Recommended for: Isolation, Classic and Volume application
  • Recommended fanning technique:  All
  • Curved fine point tip.
  • perfect lash tweezers for one-to-one lash application and precise isolation
  • made from premium quality stainless steel
  • designed for precision and comfort
  • these tweezers are very light-weight
  • long, superfine and precise tips
  • helps to grip the lashes easily and quickly

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